Area 51 Alien rip

Area 51 is a rather good FPS from 2005. I’m asking that you rip the Gray alien model from the game.

It’s freeware for US-based users, but I’m pretty sure anyone can download it now.

But because Midway went under a while ago, the game isn’t supported and doesn’t work on Windows 7 or Vista- there’s a patch out there somewhere but even if you get it to start, on Vista and 7 it still has issues.

I’m having a hell of a time figuring out what engine it uses, but I’m fairly certain it’s Quake 2 or some variation of it.

I reckon the hazmat soldiers would be good too

If it used the Quake 2 engine as a base in any way, it would look sooo much worse xD
That engine was simply too old for them to use. It’s more likely to be a modification of the Q3 engine, but it could also be completely in-house. D:

I’m not sure if Midway ever really said anything about its engine, either…

I know the sequel was modified Quake 3, but this is a game from 2005, so I’m not sure what it uses. I never really says, I’m just assuming.

here is the model i ripped by 3DX ripper few months ago

i haven’t use for any convert yet

Could you happen to get a screenshot of it? Just so I know what I’m looking at. I can’t find a .3ds viewer or converter to look for myself.

here is the picture

Look’s creepy … i like it :smiley:

Excellent. I loved this game. Still have it on PS2.