Area 51

If anybody has played Area 51 (the newer game created by Midway) I would really like it, if some of you could make some weapon models, some characters, and if possible(optional) some sweps. I plan on making some of the multiplayer maps myself.

                                                  Thanks Alot

That game is not new, it is ancient

Oh, no, Blacksite: Area 51. The other Area 51 is older than Half-Life 2, and had David Duchovny. The new one was meh.

The one that had David Duchovny. If you haven’t played it already it is free now!

So is anybody willing to do it? Up for the Challenge?

Sound good, i loved this game was awesome.

heres some photos of this disturbingly creepy game…played it and i was so creeped out by it i returned it…

it was a good game, for the parts i played though…

It is free for the PC and ad supported (they removed the ads so just the game yay) it is pretty creepy, I mean watching the grays rip open a guys chest.

Hate to burst your bubble but that game was mediocre at best.
And only a small amount of people like it, you included.
I don’t think anyone would want to waste time on modelling the game content.
Mainly because most of the stuff already looked like crap when it was released.

Creepy? This?

Are you for a chance actually trying to advertize the game. for some absurd reason?

Yeah, the game was really meh. In fact, both of them were. Nice concept with the alien mutation, but horrid graphics.

You guys have got the wrong game. This is what he was talking about:

delete… nevermind i mis-read the first post…ignore this comment…

oh and those models look good, huh…generally gmod has, most of the time, ps2-ish graphics (the good kind not the horrible kind) should fit in with tweaking…but im no modeler/porter/lua coder at all…im probably just good at advance dupe…

Isn’t that Blacksite: Area 51?

Yes it is.
Haven’t played it myself but it go really bad reviews for the PC version…

No not Blacksite Area 51 just Area 51 by Midway With David Duchovny

A bunch of people requested this earlier. I don’t think that you’ll get any further. I liked the first Area 51.

Untrue, it came out in 2005.

Heh, yeah.
And Half-Life 2 came out in 2004.
Looks like Area 51 didn’t age well. :smiley:

I guess, you… fail?

I will keep trying until I succeed but ya Area 51, poor graphics, excellent storyline and gameplay!

Poor graphics? I loved the graphics. They were great when i was playing it.

Ill see what i can conjure up for you? But i think it might be hard getting the models

im confused, first post you said NEWER and blacksite was newest and then you say the 1st one o_0