Area bug

I think there is a bug in game. After you log in you can see objects, players, npcs only on a certain area from the place you were spawned. When u leave this area you no longer see players, objects made by them, npcs, resources.
After you logout and login you can see things again but only to a certain spot away from spawn place.
People abusing it. They leaving that spawn area and coming back so they no longer see walls, doors, etc. made by players. They getting on a place where supose to be someone elses house and they reloging. This simple trick allow them to steal of other ppl houses and even killing others.

me and my friend are having the same problem nothing spawns and we do the same thing. we just log out and log back in but that seems to solve only half the problem where we cant see wood piles or animals or just plain loot at all, this is a very annoying bug that should be fixed

I agree, but Garry live in england and I think he’s sleeping at this hour, it’s 04 am. Wait til tomorrow :wink:

Spot on. People need to calm down. Issues been going on for a few hours in the middle of the night and people lose their minds lol.
I’m sure it will be fixed tom or next day, they slam updates out fast.

well more things are spawning now so its getting better :slight_smile: