Area fog

is it possible to create fog like the env_fog_controller but only within certain areas? basically my map is divided into 4 areas each with different environments so i would like a different fog with each area. can this be done? i could just use a func_brush with no collision but it doesnt look that great.

Doesn’t env_fog_controller have bounds? Pretty sure it does in hammer, try looking in the properties.

it has a start and end distance but thats relevant to the player and is visible throughout the map

If there is only one player in the map at a time you could probably use triggers to change fog properties. Other than that I don’t think there is a way.

OnTrigger > !activator > SetFogController > [env_fog_controller]

put this on a trigger and it will change the fog controller for whoever enters the trigger.


thanks will give it a play with