Area NPC spawners

I have lots of SWeps, LOTS of SWeps, but i don’t really know what to do with them!

Just spawning random NPCs is unfun and takes a lot of preparation. I’ve heard of NPC Spawn Platforms, and it’s a very useful addon, until i’m starting to use more then 2 platform at once.
NPCs are just standing there in large groups doing nothing until you get close to them and even then it takes about 2 seconds to kill them all because of their group formation.
I thought of that and understood that NPCs that spawn in a certain area, and not in a certain point would solve that problem.

It should be a STool that works just like the NPC spawn platform but with a “Radius” slider

I sure that at least 50% of the LUA programmers here have the skill and knowledge to take the NPC Spawn Platform STool and add a radius option to it, but the real challenge would be making a spawner that won’t spawn NPCs inside walls or the void

Hope someone would make such an addon for me :slight_smile:

BTW Zombie survival won’t work because the maps are small and there are only zombies (no epic hunter fights) :frowning:


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I try this. i havent made any STool so its time to do it really. This should be pretty simple.