area portal broblem

i have broblem whit my areportal

The areaportal is closed. Can you post a screenshot of your areaportal properties?

create a trigger_multiple to open the area_portal when the player is in line of sight of the door and set it to close when the player is out of line of sight

Or, use a hint face to cut the vis leaf. Works out even les expensive, and would also decrease compile time.

Use func_areaportalwindow instead with a black func_brush named to be the rendered window to hide the culled part of the map.

Uur am I missing something or isnt this just a areaportal being able to find a path around itself…?
In hammer go to map>load point file. If a window pops up where you can click “OK” it’s confirmed.

Areaportals only work when they separate two “rooms”. You should only get to the other side by passing through it or another areaportal.

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