area portal problem

When adding a room to my map I made sure I put some area portals in so its not showing the whole room from the other side of the wall I did tests to make sure they were working right which they were in tell I did a full compile of the map.
I put the VVIS on fast so it would not take long because I wanted to see how it turned out and it was looking good in tell I ran into this.

I am not sure why its doing that but its a hall way that goes to the other side of the room here is a SS of the other Door way.

As you can see the door way in the second SS work fine with the area portal but the one in the first is bugged.

I have checked the compile log be for playing the map and it only showed up with one error which was (-fast) do you guys think its because I compiled the map with VVIS set to fast or no.

Hope you can help me I will being trying to fix the error with that door way right now I will tell you guys if I fix it.


My I feel like a dumb ass I put area portal on the brush and never made it a func_areaportal lol dam.

You only need one areaportal entity for each doorway, and all faces should be textured with the areaportal texture, also, you should use func_areaportalwindows seen as you have no door by the looks of it.