areaportal brush doesn't touch two areas

So ive tried to fix this issue

A bunch of windows on an apartment complex is giving me this error and causes it to not compile.

—Method I used to make the windows----

I have a window and inside it, a func_areawindowportal and a func_brush. each func_brush has a name and ive made the areawindowportal assigned to its correlating func_brush and all the func brushes and areawindowportal are textured tools\black.

Here is a screenshot of the windows

If anyone has an idea on how to fix this please reply.

Just a quick edit I loaded up the pointfile and this red line appeared. It’s just a massive loop though

Disable everything in the visgroups except world geometry, sky and areaportals … You will probably find the issue … Otherwise make sure everything is on grid (microleaks are leaks aswell).
Oh and areaportals can only be rectangular, have six sides and they can’t be combined.

Ik whats causing it, it’s the windows in the second screenshot. They are all rectangles have 6 sides and are all seperate.

Q if you have windows with tools/black on them so you can’t see thru them why are you placing an areaportal over them ?

Eh its pointless now I fixed it after digging through like 30 pages of old threads