Areaportal Doors

I want to make “anti-lag” rooms for my map but every time I try, I get this:

I tied the areaportal to my door and made buttons to open/close my door.
I also tried making it so the areaportal opens when I press the button, but all I get is what you see in the picture above. Please help me.

You should read this

I did and I still don’t get how to do this. Can you just tell me how to do it, instead of linking me to huge articles?

If you read it you would know how. Valve made the article for a reason you know.

Your problem can be fixed by:

That’s exactly how I have it set. I read that part.

post the compile log

Fine here:

try that

That’s terrible optimisation. He didn’t even make use of 45 degree hint brushes. And why does he mention that it makes wall hacks less effective? I thought they would bypass occlusion and render everything.


Actually, just watched it the whole way through and noticed he does use angled hints. But he fucks the whole thing up and didn’t explain it in enough detail.

Ending of that video is awesome.

The part where he starts mumbling because he doesn’t know what he’s on about?


Did you actually read the OP? He said that he has tied it to an areaportal.

He should think about optimizing his desktop first.

Interlopers says:

Basicaly you can’t have two areaportals touching or intersecting and the room you’re closing off has to be completely sealed from all doors, windows and other openings (with more areaportals).