Areaportals Error

I’m getting an error with my areaportals on my map, it says in the log that it doesn’t touch two places, yet the areaportal is inside a brush with an alpha channel texture(window) surrounded by a window frame and is aligned to the grid. Could I get a fix for this? If it needs looking at, I’ll message you the VMF if you ask me.

going from one side of the areaportal must ONLY be through itself or other areaportals.
Do map -> load pointfile to see where the areaportal leak is.

There’s no infinite loop with my areaportals, I have an area sealed off with areaportals already, and it’s going through a solid brush. Can func_details seal it?

Area portals aren’t supposed to go through brushes. Each 4 sides of the area portal brush must only touch the face parallel to it. Also, func_details don’t seal a visleaf as they’re ignored by vbsp in the visleaf process. Convert it to a world brush if necessary.

What could be the problem? I converted my func_details to world brushes, the portals are sealed, yet I’m still getting leaks. There’s no possibility of skybox leaks or other kinds, because I have the area cordoned off.

PM me the map and I’ll see what’s wrong.

Got it fixed, thanks Zyx.

What was wrong?