Areaportals help

I’ve only made areaportals to one room. I set them to the entity, and made sure they fit with world geometry.
However, they leak somehow. When I check the pointfile it shows a line running from the outside of one of the areaportals to the skybox.

Show us pictures in hammer.

You have to make sure that the area portal touches world brushes and doesn’t have a gap or something. It has to completely seal off an area. You can’t have an areaportal that can get to the other side through like a window.

I checked that, they should be okay. I heard about a problem when two areaportals are on the same level (like two doors on different floors) and they merge. May that be the case?

Also my friend said it could be because one of them goes trough a func_door that has a transparent texture on it. Is that true?


If you want, you can pm me the file.