Arena Construction

Arena Construction is set in the early morning at building site contested by both RED and BLU. Both sides want to obtain full building rights and they do that the only way the two teams know how to settle disputes, killing each other. Unfortunately the building site is set over a deep chasm, which kills anyone who falls in.

This is an Arena map, in case anyone didn’t get that, featuring height based gameplay. Feel free to yell at me for everything I done wrong, and while your doing that tell me where I can improve.

Get it here Construction(M).zip

Its a bit blocky, otherwise good.

:jihad: :sigh: :jihad:


just… :sigh:

Please tell me, what is wrong with the map? I don’t want pointless replies, I’d like to know where I’ve gone wrong and what I should improve. If you are unwilling to reply with anything more than a :sigh:, please don’t comment again.

sorry im a bit Meh-ish atm

well all i can say is it is slightly boxy and it just feels too… small i feel like if i was the sniper and i spawned i could kill somebody within 5seconds… i know arena maps are small but this just seems… 5second round-ish :quagmire: :sigh: xD

Well what do you recommend I change?

Those stairs… what makes them not fall down?

The fog in the skybox looks weird, the stairs need supports, it’s a bit blocky, and it’s too small.
Otherwise, it looks pretty good.

Oh yeah, that void in the middle looks a bit odd, but I know it’s for the sake of gameplay, so I’ll just say that it looks odd, and not that you should remove it.

If you don’t mind, could I have a look at the hammer file? I would certainly understand if you said no; but if you did give it to me, I could change a few things to show you the different out comes and the detail enhancements by only adding a few extra things, and then you could see it yourself, and improve. Basicly, pictures are better. :v:

Perfect example of bad critiquing

It looks pretty good, undetailed and blocky in places and it looks a bit dull. Maybe a better 3D skybox might live it up. But its not a bad start

Could do with some displacements on the cliff and ground, maybe even some more props, I don’t know its just missing something… Looks a little too open.

You’re almost at surf map quality! :razz: