Arena Events


First of all, i’m not going to post IP directly to this post. (as this isn’t a server recruiting channel, if you are intrested you can find server information at the link on the end of this thread. )

My goal, is to make more Events on my server.
But to do that, we need more active clans/groups (whatever you want to call it).

Atm, i build up 2 arena’s. (more will follow)

1st Arena: FFA (free-for-all)
Structure: It’s randomly build, it’s not balanced, it’s more like a FFA-arena. ( it has lvls, rooms , … )
Rules : Those are decided at the start of the arena. ( ex; 1 hatchet, 1 large medkit, 1 MP5A4, 60 9MM Ammo ) - It changes every game.
Price : Last man standing, will receive a reward. (this is random , it can be a weapon/building material/ammo/gear )
Amount of players : Max. 8

( This is organised daily - if people are up for it )

2nd Arena: Team-Arena
Structure: It’s balanced, the 2 sides are a reflection of eachother. So teams don’t have an advantage on the other side.
Rules : We gear up the teams. ( MP5A4 / M4 and some AMMO )
Team 1 will have cloth pants. (this is for teams without communication)
Team 2 will have rad pants.
Gametypes: Team Elimination ( Team who eliminates other team wins. )
Light Them Up ( There are 2 furnaces on each side of the map, First team that can light the enemies furnace wins/eliminates other team )
Teamsizes: 2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4 / 5v5
Price: As it is a teamgame, prices will be given to the captain. (its his task, to split it or to keep it)

Goal: Tournaments ! ( As soon there are enough active teams )

Everyone is free to join , events are only there for those who want to do something else sometimes.