Argh! Problem!

Hello there, I’m Hax0rVash, and this is my first post.

I was messing around in the face editor for TF2, and created a new expression named “Happy” in the default place, under strong_phonemes (Or however you spell it)

I made a ridculous face, and saved it.

Now, whenever I use the face editor in game, all TF2 ragdolls get the face… and I can’t change it back to normal…

Can someone help me?

delete the “Happy” you made.

I tried that, but it won’t work… and I think it keeps coming back… O.o

you are doing it wrong then.

How so? I go into C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\hax0rvash eam fortress 2 f\expressions\player\heavy\phonemes_strong
and then I delete the Text file and the .vtf file (Or whatever file extension it is)

Then, later, it comes back…

reinstall TF2…

Isn’t that a little much? Are you sure that there’s no other way?

All I want is the face to go away… D:


Can anyone help me?


I’ve tried everything, and do not wish to install the game…

Anyone have a tip?