Argonian Crysis 2 Marines

What if argonians were here today? I’m guessing they would be conscripted into the military.

This was mainly a model hack test with one model, so this is my first. It then grew and I added bodygroups and other soldiers.

I’m not sure if this is practical to anyone, but I’m releasing it anyways.

[tab]Description:[/tab] Crysis 2 US soldiers, except with argonian heads, hands, arms, feet, and tails.


[ul]1 Barclay model, 2 short sleeved models (jacket and vest), 2 long sleeved models (jacket and vest)[/ul]
[ul]Separate models for black eyed versions[/ul]
[ul]Eye posing[/ul]
[ul]Face posing[/ul]
[ul]13 skin tones for each model[/ul]

**Skin 1:** *Normal skin with red cheeks*
**Skin 2:** *Normal skin with green cheeks*
**Skin 3:** *Normal skin with cyan cheeks*
**Skin 4:** *Brown skin with red cheeks*
**Skin 5:** *Brown skin with green cheeks*
**Skin 6:** *Brown skin with cyan cheeks*
**Skin 7:** *Black skin with red cheeks*
**Skin 8:** *Black skin with green cheeks*
**Skin 9:** *Black skin with cyan cheeks*
**Skin 10:** *Black skin with black cheeks*
**Skin 11:** *Red skin with red cheeks*
**Skin 12:** *Red skin with green cheeks*
**Skin 13:** *Red skin with cyan cheeks*

[ul]13 bodygroups for each model[/ul]

**Bodygroup 1: Head spikes**
**Bodygroup 2: Head fins**
**Bodygroup 3: Head fin centre**
**Bodygroup 4: Head horn things**
**Bodygroup 5: Sunglasses**
**Bodygroup 6: Headwear**
   **Subgroup1:***Hat and headphones*
   **Subgroup1:***Helmet with goggles*
   **Subgroup1:***Helmet with goggles 2*
**Bodygroup 7: Respirator mask**
**Bodygroup 8: Pull over mask**
**Bodygroup 9: Balaclava**
   **Subgroup1:***Around neck*
   **Subgroup2:***Covering face*
**Bodygroup 10: Neck brace thing**
**Bodygroup 11: Body attachments**
   **Subgroup1:***Attachments 1*
   **Subgroup1:***Attachments 2*
   **Subgroup1:***Attachments 3*
   **Subgroup1:***Attachments 4*
   **Subgroup1:***Attachments 5*
   **Subgroup1:***Attachments 6*
   **Subgroup1:***Attachments 7*
**Bodygroup 12: Camelback**
**Bodygroup 13: Pants**
   **Subgroup1:***Regular pants*
   **Subgroup1:***Regular pants with kneepads*


Drake the Dragon - Arogonian beautification mod
ShadyTradesman and IABT - High res argonain skin
AlienSlof - Spiked tail
Loth DeBonneville and SickleYield - Claws
jdayT - Feet
Me - Skin tones and everything else, except the models themselves of course

Great work bud, you got my download.

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

Haha. It actually makes sense - Marines are (at least traditionally) naval-based infantry. The ability to breath underwater would be very useful for that.

Fuck YES

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This would be insanely useful if they were rigged to the citizen skeleton

:wink: winning

It hapened.

Brilliant work. I am speechless.

Best ever.

Is this from the game “The Evil Marine” that I’ve heard before? :open_mouth:

This is pretty neat. Good job!

Why does this make me think of Doctor Who?

That’s pretty damn impressive! Do want!

A modern Tamriel sounds like a cool concept.

Oh, and these are awesome.

Whoa, these guys are awesome! 'Tis good to see more argonians, I’ve only seen two other models of them.

you have some weird and twisted mind ooga yet i liked this :v:

Well, this is different.

This was the last thing I was expecting when I read ‘argonian’

Interesting concept.

Love it