Argonian race (oblivion)

I’am looking for argonian male ragdoll,please help me

sweet i could use that too… theres a lot of oblivion rags kicking about but never seen that in them.

It’s already on my to-do list. I just have a very long to-do list. I’ll get back to these eventually.

I waiting ^^

Was screwing around with the S-Low stuff in my files trying to get some stuff to work and found a “Chaos Knight”
Looks pretty much exactly like this, 'cept the head is a helmet rather than the reptilian guy seen here.
Thought I’d mention it since all that’s needed to to what you’re asking is, I assume, a headhack. Right?

I need any ragdoll argonian :slight_smile:

Well I went looking for it and only came up with this:
But I’m pretty sure you’ve already checked that.
I zipped through S-Low’s site and couldn’t find it.
I dunno where the hell I got it from, but it ended up in my S-Low collection.
Went looking through my files themselves and found the .mdl in my Jaanus/Lilwasa section.
Looks like it may have come from the Lilwasa-Chrismas-Extraviganza-Pack… thing. Though I can’t seem to find a link for it at this time. Sorry.

Thanks! I’ll search