Argonian Rebel

I’ve had this model hack sitting around for a while. The rigging is a bit messy, and neither the eyes or face are poseable, because I fail.

I’ll probably release after I fix some little issues and make a variation for the medic.

If you people want it, of course.

Of course!

Haha, awesome. I want it. No voice replacements though, huh?

You showed this to me a couple of months ago. Possibly even a year ago.


Hahaha awesome.

Update much:

Medic WIP

I might do something about the pants. They look silly.

Hey there! I saw You got nice model hack here. If You want I can help you with your work. I like Argonians very much. It would be good to work with somebody like You and the others. I’ve got some skills and I know how to :
-Rigg ;
-Compile/decompile ;
-Model (simple/hacks) ;
-Change *.VMT things (simple) ;
-Texture (simple/convert textures) ;
Sorry for my poor English because I’m from Poland.

Nice to see your still working on it.

Awsome!, i would love these, so are they reskins or are they gona be NPCs?

I was thinking about making them player models as well as NPCs.

Looks cool

The Elder Scrolls V: City 17? This is getting interesting…

I’d like the argonian :3 Can you also do one in a HEV suit?

Wou wou wou dude!Hold there!Will these be NPCs???xD

I like.

dude i love oblivion such a good game

Elder Scrolls.

marry me

Do want. I used to play Oblivion, and all I did was play Argonians or Dark Elves.

This is awesome, nice job.