Arguments against reducing AK recoil to match AHK script?

Not only is the AHK script impractical to solve, but it actually makes the AK a LOT more fun and useful.

I have 600 hours and never particularly liked the weapon, but with the recoil under control, it’s actually becoming my preferred go-to. Since AHK has been here since legacy, but most of us just didn’t know about it, I now understand why many streamers and pro users heavily prefer roaming with the AK, while many newmen and regular players barely see the worth in crafting one.

If you can’t effectively solve AHK then why not level the playing field? Right now the AK recoil is so severe that non scripters are at a huge disadvantage. If the recoil was just significantly reduced, and the weapon nerfed another way (damage per hit or fire rate), then I think we would all enjoy a much more even and fair playing field. Scripts would still be useful, but not to the point where non-scripters are clearly going to be dominated because the other player can aim while shooting, while the vanilla player has incredible, screen jumping recoil.

You adjusted the game to soften darker nights and make gamma night vision available for everybody, why not just make AKs useful for all as well, until a more long term solution is found?

Then script users will shoot bullseye from 150 meters. You can’t balance this, only remove recoil completely. Also it’s not that hard to control AK recoil, you just need some practice. Here’s the video i made after this huge thread on reddit about ahk scripts.

this AHK script is BS, recently had a guy who pwned me close with revolver and no recoil so was able to fire rapidly at me. You don’t really stand a chance against people using this script.

legacy server mods detect these AHK Recoil scripts. If experimental/main comes out with a similar mod, i’ll gladly mod my server to auto ban these skids. Fucking baddies.

Infact, if anyone knows of a current oxide mod that detects AHK norecoil scripts like the one for legacy, please point me in the right direction.

i have no issue with ahk, but i do have an issue with no-recoil/anti-recoil scripts.

i can respect a player who is capable of adapting to the recoil by adjusting their aim, but someone using a script to do so is cheating to my mind.

It’s definitely borderline cheating, but I agree, it shouldn’t be allowed ingame at all.

its not borderline cheating its cheating …full stop