Ariel Atom!


Probably should wait a bit before I post it, but we need new content and its ‘been on my chest’ for so long.

I started this ages ago, like a month or more but due to distractions ( Exams among other things) I only just ‘finished’ it now.

I just kept spawning it, then going off and organising Airboat sumo competitions and doing some small wire projects.

So down to business - This is my Ariel Atom (no specific model/version)

I studied many many many pictures of the atom and spent a long time getting the chassis as correct as possible, there are a lot of it you cannot see but it is 99% there and with only a few alterations from the real one. I re-did the front pipes at least 15 lol everytime I found something wrong with it

used to have different wheels but they sank >_<

Has the 'Flintstone" effect with the feet sticking out the bottom of the car and into the ground, but as you know, that is just how the seat is

Wheel powered - ~75 kph top speed (not that fast but apparently as fast as you can go with size 30 wheels)
I kept the torque low enough to keep a relistic acceleration but high enough to hit its top speed
realistic steering and suspension (a mix of karbine’s and xro’s with a bit of butler’s in there 2) quite stable even at top speed
a bit of fin in the wheels, enoguh to have responsive steering but still able to do small drifts
Apply ang force brakes in the rear wheels that prevents wheel locking
It has some pretty nice sounds but they are still wip rignt now, but feature gearing sounds through pitch alteration - I just need to automate it with the atom
Imo pretty cool ‘wheel caps’ or mud guards, what ever you call them, stay with the wheels even with suspension and rotate with the front wheels.
Steering wheel turns with wheels (thank xro)

Oh and the dull grey on the car (on the rims and exhust) is actually chrome just the map has no cube-map so just imagine it all nice and shiny :-p

all I can think of for now

to do list - finish up the sounds, make the wheels actually look like they are connected to the vehicle and fix up that front green panel (very tricky… actually all the panels are/were but…). Once again forgive me for posting this early but I just want it out of my mind for a while.

^this shows the mud guards staying with the wheels at the right angles, even when the suspension is extended

^WIP pic showing scale

^early wip pics showing the chassis (it is slightly different now but basically the same)

bonus pics

^ little robot wars competition we had, congrats Kustom

Track that Kraak made, we will race on this next sat at 8pm (gmt+12 - new zealand time)

^ these are the sumo airboat track I and a few other people built, we have airboats that have a 0.8 second boost every 10 seconds, aim is to push opponents off in a last man standing comp

^ lol just some race rHino, I and a few other ppl had (I failed badly-rough drivers!)

lol lots of pics but you all should know me and my excessive pics by now.

Server plug time (don’t hate me :-P) - was entirely built on the Clearnet Deluxe server in New Zealand ( any Nz/Aus players please come visit us, we have a very nice server with gcombat and all the other bells and whistles

Ah and thanks for all who gave me a hand (even those who sat in seats so I could get dimensions), you know who you are


shit quality, had coversion problems, it kept killing my engine sound

i think i just died from awesome…

Fantastic roll cage, mate, now you just needa picture of the guy driving with wind stretching his lips in rediculous angles =D

i helped sit in the seat!

haha its good to see it finally finished, you were tright about spawning it then doing something else.

even though i haven’t seen the real thing, i think it has turned out well.

spot on.


Fucking hot.
Finish it asap :open_mouth:

The wheel guard trick is a cool idea

thing drives like a champ and is dead sexy

and the only reason your house robot won grumpy is cause i couldnt flip the bastard lol.

holy shit


holy shiT

This and alot fucking more of it.

That thing is so fucking nice. FFFFFFFFFFFF I love you now man. Come to sweden and make a baby for me.

this is too awesome for words, so I’ll use an emote


lol at the airboat derby i modified my airboat to have a 0.8 boost every 0 seconds and weighed my airboat 50,000 so nothing could move me and i just pushed everyone off :smug:

Thank you…just…thank you.

I love the usage of props for the seats and the roll cage is perfect.

Ok who else came pass the towel

edit: wipe wipe pass

Seriously though, you already know what I think about it. But it came out more awesome than I suspected!

You cum in a towel?

Paper towel.

R.I.P Jocelyn Quivrin :ohdear: (French actor)

Died in this car November 15th

The rollcage is awesome but I think it’s (way) too small

Not true scale is about bang on, the atom is a very small car, look the pic of the ragdoll ‘sitting’ in it - real atoms you are practically sitting with your ass on the road with you legs straight.

^ some pics showing scale, the majority of the car is below the knee, its just a roll cage big enought for 2 people and an engine jammed in it.

Oh you’re right