Arkham Asylum: Keep Smiling Baby

Compare to original.
Other Screenshots by me.

Too bad the backblast will kick her ass.

I can just see that happening.

Looks like the rear of the RPG is past her body, so she won’t be hit by any backblast

Oh look, it’s that pose again.

Where can I get those models?
Couldn’t find them anywhere.

Ya know I never really liked the Harley from AA,
but this pic’ has made me realize she really does look like she fits in there.
Very nicely done.

I really liked Harley from AA.

Nurse outfit man…

Creative way of putting in your name.

I think part of the issue was that you actually rarely saw Joker and Harley from AA in the same scene together.

That and when I was a kid I was used to seeing her in that ‘latex’… whatever the hell it was.

little boy boner-roo bingo bongo batman time

That didnt’ sound like english,
but point taken.
Sadly no,
I was too young for that at the time.

Shading and rimlighting is very nice.
Love what you did with the nametag.