Arkham Joker Playermodel?

I’m curious about something. There’s a playermodel I’ve wanted for a while but haven’t ever seen; I can never find good playermodels that fit my taste, and one I’ve always wanted was the Joker for Arkham Asylum. Keeping brevity, I know that the model has been ported as a ragdoll and released a couple of times, but I haven’t seen it as a playermodel. Anyone got one floating around or feel like making one? Any Joker model, really, not even necessarily the Arkham one, though I’d prefer that. I remember another playermodel Joker with a long coat, anyone have that?

Player models are useless and a waste of time.

Why’s that? Personal aesthetics and stuff. My choice, and I don’t do much posing, usually multiplayer with friends, we like to have our own models.

That pretty much gives them reason not to do it then.

I’m not sure I follow. I don’t mean our own to say OH WE MADE THIS DURR or something, I mean to use so we can tell each other apart and look how we want. I don’t quite understand how that gives a reason they’re useless or why “not do do it then.”

Anyone have any comments on the actual request? Any models?

Your opinion. Stop being a dick to everyone who wants something you don’t want.

Well i mean, taking models that arent rigged at all and rigging them, like joker, is a waste of time.

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You could use the already rigged MK vs DC one though.

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Wait wut.