Arkham Knight 3d models

Gonna get this thread started if nobody else hasn’t yet.

I am dying to see how detailed the models are now.

Does anyone have a wish list and who will be ripping them from the game.

3 days to go :smiley:

See, here’s what the problem will be:
The tool used to extract from Unreal Engine, called uModel or UE-Viewer, needs to be updated by the creator of that tool to support Arkham Knight.
It may take him anywhere from the day of release to weeks after release to get it it working. Just don’t your hopes up too high or constantly ask for an update on the situation, when the models will be extracted someone will surely post about it.

Hey guys,

Has anyone managed to find the version of the arkham knight with his helmet up at all?

The showcase model I ripped from the game doesnt have his face.

I know the DLC Red Hood has his face but its the mask up scene I am specifically looking for :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance