arleitiss 13 Models Pack!

** Introduction **

Hi. First I planned to make 20 models. But now it changed to 13. Not because I can’t make them. But just because I have no ideas what to make. So still 13 is enough. This is my first models pack, and also I am still not that good in modelling. So download it, or don’t it’s your choice.

** Description **

This pack contains just basic models I made. Most of them are not repeatable. Which means they still don’t exist in garrysmod. Here is a full list of them. Not all models have perfect collisions.

*My credits tag.
*Desk for restaurant.
*BAN! Sign.
*Cooling Tower
*Fruit Stand v1 - Stright
*Fruit Stand v2 - A bit broken style (not broken model but just a style of it)
*Gmod sign.
*Linkin Park logo.
*Razor which you can launch into wall like sawblade.
*?Question Mark.

That’s all.

** Screenshots **

** Download **

** For torrent haters:

Fpsbanana :stuck_out_tongue: **

Have Fun.
Btw spawnlist included!

  • Feel free to use them in your maps. (Just give me 0.1% of credit for them :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hey Good

BTW I might use these models in my map

I don’t see much use for most of these in a typical GMod game session, but it seems good for short machinimas. The nuclear cooling tower is the best imo.

Ewwww linkin park. Throw yourself in a dumpster.

I like the steam-talk one.

well thats my credit tag. That’s why you like it :stuck_out_tongue:

The Fruit stands look useful.

Yeh, it’s ok for role play servers. Say for a cook or medic.

Really useful, Cheers.

The shading, cubemapping, and textures look really low res and bad

These remind me of gmod 9

Good effort my friend, with time will come much better models! Just keep at it, ignore any shit comments you get, and just learn from what you are doing. I appreciate the extra models, since you can never have enough!

I really like the Gmod logo, and the nuclear silo. Very cool. :mmmhmm:

They’re nice.

The old LP logo was better. Anyways, good pack. Add more stuff.