arleitiss's model pack V2 [random stuff edition]


I had many projects, maps, models, mess arounds over past few years while learning modelling in source, had many more projects on my mind had models done for them but never really happened, had these lying around on my DVD disc for years, so instead of dying out I decided to let them free into public so people can use/re-use/remake/edit/learn from them, you are free to edit them and repost/re-release/use in your own projects.
What’s so special about this pack? Here’s what:
***Includes 3ds max 2011 RAW files (so you can edit them).
*Includes smd files with QC ready (so you can optimize and recompile as much as you wish)
*Includes Models and Materials.
**Even though it’s so free to use and take them, please if you edit them or re-release give me some credit. This is my last model pack (not that I had many of them really). Although it seems like 100% working and good to compile, I wouldn’t suggest taking these as PROPER methods for modelling/texturing, these are not made in a professional way, these were made in lazy way just so it looks okay in game, though you can learn stuff like shapes/collision models/compiling/qc writing from these.

**Includes 31 models, and many of them have multiple variants and skins.
*Advertising Board (you can edit and add new ads and boards (psd file included)
*Blinds as effect Black and White, if you are mapper you might find animations useful (close and open)
*Glass bottle.
*Metal garage tool cabinets/shelves 2 variants.
*Clock (animated for an hour in real life). Had like 13 different skins.
*F1 Car (as far as I remember I had it fully done and rigged, all left is write up a script for car driving (or use some kind of supercars script or whatever they are called), you can reskin atm it’s RedBull team.
*F1 Lamp (had this for my map which was never made fully, still got map file if anyone wants).
*F1 Track (track I had made for my map. It’s just an effect, what I did is made a nodraw along road).
*Animated Fishies (animated fishies, you can use these for your RP servers or lakes or whatever).
*Country Flags as ragdoll. (If someone remembers I had a thread a year ago, here it is so) you can continue it if you wish.
*Money Printer (if you want more realistic money printer on RP server.)
*Grenades with skins (with view model done so you can write up script to be usable)
*F1 Banded Laptop.
*Mobile Phone (with view model done so you can write up script to be usable)
*Mushrooms (just colorful illuminated mushrooms.)
*Dead body under rubber sheet/bag.
*Some kind of virus box.
*Scaffolds with good collision model. (you might find this useful for maps).
*Solar Panel.
*Picklock (with view model done so you can write up script to be usable)
*Christmas/birthday present prop.
*Fuel pump/hose (with view model done so you can write up script to be usable)
*RAILING for my previous map, if you are mapper you can use it for stairs or something.
*RC Car (has some kind of animations can’t remember, has remote animations with hands etc… so you can script them)
*RiotShield (with view model done so you can write up script to be usable)
*Fishing Rod (with view model done so you can write up script to be usable)
*Rope (with view model done so you can write up script to be usable)
*TV Screens/panels. (Lots of textures of F1 teams and other stuff, you can reskin.
*3 Skybox types, good for 3D skybox, check video below.
*Speedbumps consisting of many elements (both static and phys models for mappers or w/e)
*Some kind of tesla tower/thing
*Tools - Screwdriver, pliers and bolt.

Not all of these have 3ds max or smd files but most ofthem do!
You are free to do with models whatever you want, just leave me some small credit.


Props preview: (sorry for bad quality)

Preview of Skybox in action/track in action/actually scripted and rigged car in action /boards and other useful stuff.(Please have a look to better understand what those props were for)

So yes, if you wish, you can continue my map, it’s a bit hard to restore i suppose as I don’t have mateirals in order, but sure I can submit/post vmf file + materials and models are in packk if you wish to continue my map.

Gmod org is acting like an asshole showing me errors, so:
Fpsbanana (doesn’t have carrier model) -7z
FileSmelt (has everything) - Zip
FileSmelt (doens’t have carrier model) - 7z
Please if you can upload the zip file to or spread it around, as these file hosts tend to delete files.
So whoever wants my map PM me.


**Got questions relating model pack? how stuff works? how it’s made? Why I have something in specific way? ask here :):
This is my last relase for gmod or source engine in general.


some rather nice stuff in there; thanks.

Not too shabby.

A lot of cool props in here. The buildings and flags are pretty nice.

Man I fucking love misc packs, thanks for the release.

Glad some find it useful.

That is indeed a random assortment of props. The textures in general could use improvement though.

Most of models have bumpmaps on textures, don’t forget it’s flatgrass so can’t really see much.

Hey if it let’s me I would be glad to upload this to

Of course all credit will go to you.

Sure go ahead

This is like a box with all sorts of strange things in it. Love it. Nice job:smile:

It’s not a question of whether or not they have bumps and phong, they just lack anything that make them more then a simple colorization or application of a photo texture to the model surface.

I like the flags and the rope.
Nice job.

Oh, Finally more F1 stuff, aw yeah. And you finally released your flags.
That’s a big and awesome pack.
You make my day.

Is that a posable rope? Fuck. Yes.

Nice work, these will sure come in handy!

sorry not, it’s just a rope if you wish to use in RP, has view model as well.

Did anyone ever end up uploading this to

sorry it wouldn’t let me but I can try again

Oh Man this is amazing! You should make more House Props like this clocks and blinds for windows. Everything has pretty good quality!