Arlight guys, let's talk darkrp.

What are improvements you’d like to see in a darkrp server? I’m not talking “remove kids hurp durp.”, just pure game mechanics, what could be improved in order to improve the gameplay in your opinion?

No guns?

The best times I have had in darkrp (when playing legitimately) are when each role is doing what it is supposed to do; when each gun dealer has a shop open, and everyone isn’t just printer farming with the added perks of their job’s privileges and abilities. Finding some way to make each player play their job’s role would probably make gameplay more fun. It’s no fun when everyone is off in different corners of the map with massive bases printer farming, including the players whose job it is to raid them.

Well, for one,
-Remove Mob Boss and Gangster, you don’t need a job for it.
-Remove the Message of the Day when joining a rules page, the first thing when I join a server shouldn’t be forty rules.
-Remove Money Printers, no point in them, just encourages hiding in a corner with a assault rifle.
-Remove the Hobo job, being homeless isn’t a job either.
-Have citizen jobs have a lower pay, the main focus of the gamemode isn’t being Carl Johnson.
+Only Police should have high-powered weapons, no reason for a citizen being able to outgun a cop.
+Turn rp_license 1 by default, so people can’t just starting gunning off the bat.
+Make some sort of Judge job, Mayors don’t sign Search Warrants.
+Increased wanted/arrested/warrant time, getting away with crime should be hard/impossible.
+Make Gun Dealer have a vote, he has more power than the police in certain situations.
+Only the Mayor can select the Police Chief, or atleast the police force.

That’s about all I can think of right now.

I think most rules should be enforced by in game punishments such as money loss and lowering the salary of jobs for specific players. The only rules that need to be punished by kicking or banning are really just flaming, spamming, and not using common sense.

^ with your suggestions, police are going to be extremely overpowered. you only want the to have high-powered weapons (which logically doesn’t make sense. a citizen in real life can get a hold of an assault rifle ridiculously easy…), you want them to basically make sure you don’t get away with any crime by increasing the times for everything. being arrested is long enough, boosting it would only be agonizing and pointless.

i do agree the mayor should appoint a police chief. i also hate the money printer idea as well. it doesn’t promote actually doing your job.

People are thinking to high, and not thinking about the basics. You can’t fix DarkRP(or every other RP gamemode)'s problems by simply pointing fingers. In reality, DarkRP’s economy is a one way setup for people to kill each other. Money Printers are the only way to make any money: they are also illegal. Everyone in the server is going to simply keep fighting the same pointless battles, and everybody in Garry’s Mod will keep argueing about how supposedly HL2RP is the magical cure for cancer and short dickness.
You either cater to the people who want a deathmatch gamemode and just simply go the path of Noobonic Plague or you actually cater for an RP Gamemode and make player-based economies possible, like GMStranded.
Having rules and adminstrators is bad, because it creates bias in gameplay mechanics.

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Give me the $30,000 to purchase an Automatic Rifle and help me file my court proceedings. Also, the government should be OP. More challenge.

Make your life worth more, like 30 min wait time before respawn or even a hefty fine( like 10% of the amount of money you have). This way when being robbed you actually want to stay alive not just say’’ fuck you bitch, i ain’t giving you the money’’ and then running away. Police should have a little map on the upper right or left corner so when some one calls /911 they see where the call was coming from(like GPS). Make guns ALOT more expensive. Remove printers( or atleast NERF the living shit out of them). The more money you have the more you have to pay taxes. Make gun dealers and police officers go through a test before getting the job( some server allready have it). Make drugs addictive, like when you take them once you have a 25% chance of getting hooked when you take them twice you have 75% of being addicted. Being addicted means that without drugs you will walk slower and have blurred vision( allitle bit, not much) shaky cam. To get rid of an addiction you need to buy pills from a doctor and they will cost alot plus you need many of them. Make thirst and hunger necessary in every server so cooks would have ponit in them. I could go on for ever with what i want but these are my main complaints.

Permaban anyone who dies.

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Permaban anyone who is arrested.

Here’s one thing no one seems to understand. When you’re either dead or arrested, you have to wait. Last time I checked, DarkRP was a gamemode. You’re not playing a game when you’re waiting. I hate it when admins make the jailtime five fucking minutes. I hate it when they make the spawn delay half a minute.

Make it half a fucking hour and you might as well permaban them. People will Alt+tab out, they will browse the internet and forget they were playing a fucking game. That or they’ll just disconnect. Fuck that.

I know a certain server that does this, and the problem is that they don’t think of naughty people like me. All I need to do is go in and propkill people or just aimbot them, and the gamemode then does the griefing for me.

Although I don’t like a high jail time, I think the point is to counteract the “It doesn’t matter if I go to jail because it’s only 1 minute” kind of thing. Which, it works. I would hate to get arrested on that server, but I’d also just DC.

I can buy a M16 in the newspaper right now, legal or not, but I can still get a hold of one.

It would be interesting to see an RP in a time period before guns.

Really now? M16A2 or M16A4?
Being you seem to understand so much about firearms, please do tell me… What is the Hughes Amendment?

Keep doing that until they lower the spawn delay. Good job.

I’m not implying I know anything about firearms. I don’t see why you’re trying to turn this into an argument. I can buy a M16, right now, with no complications or issues just by looking in newspaper ads. How hard is that to understand?

After seeing that whole thing about arrest times and spawn delay. Just curious, how long do you think it should be on servers?

don’t care about arrest times if people in jail are funny, spawn delay - 10 seconds max

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there could be something like spawn wave thing from tf2 (respawn queue)

Add legal and profitable ways to make money.
Currently there are none, besides being a gun dealer, but that just upps violence as well.

Take a look at gta:sa real life servers. Though their legal ways are boring as fuck, it’s at least a start.

BTW: What I would love as well is making you having a gangster/thief/… job not obvious, you look like a citizen and you are displayed as one. I love raiding people without them noticing it, or just spying on them but if everyone knows that I’m a gangster and only there for bad stuff it’s pretty much impossible.

What if you could put that gangster outfit and make your nick hardly recognizable?

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And you could be recognized if cops lay you down.