Arma 2 3Ds Max 2012 Animation Import And Export?

Hey, im not uploadin shiz for any other engine but Arma’s Engine.

I Request this because of Iron Front as a mod for Arma’s Animations. (I Managed to change Iron Fronts Animations to Arma’s, but the US DLC mod part for Iron Front mod…

ill cut to it. when u reload a gun from US Weps on Iron Front as a mod for Arma, the fingers are screwed up… ill make a pic, but ArmA OA is crashing (Fixing right now.)

So, if you know any 3Ds Max 2012 importer & Exporter for anims / model or whatever, I’d love it!

idk any other way to ask or whatever, parden for the words. i’ll explain better if needed to. (or show a gif / video.)

0_o what

Yea, Ok.
1: I fixed the Shitty old weird Animations on iron front for the mod on Arma 2 (Iron Front as a mod for Arma.) (NO OFFENSE!)
2: I got the Iron Front DLC (Faction: US Maps Bla Bla)
3: working everything Yay!
4: reloading, fingers are jacked up. like… the middle finger is bent backwords.
5: Vid / Gif:
6: im asking or a .p3d / Animation 3DS Max Import / export :stuck_out_tongue:
7: I really love this mod.
8: ill give u a fucking video XD

Speak slowly…

i spoke though. xD

u w0t mate

find a dl link i couldn’t

I’ve been lookin there for Ages. couldn’t find nothing.

The only way I know to do this, is ripping from the game using model ripper like Ninja Ripper or 3D Ripper DX. Oxygen 2 has the option to export models to .3ds (no bones, duh), but the .p3d models are protected from being edited, they are coded somehow). Unless you find someone to find out, how to crack the models, you have no way to do this without ripping.

However I’m pretty sure that there is software for cracking the models… And I’m sure that’s illegal, but what the hell. If Iron Front developers don’t mind, you can “steal” their models, but you should give them a proper credit IMHO.