Arma 2/Iron Front Weapon Models

I just got to ripping and was bored, so I came up with this. I didn’t take the time to bodygroup them because it’d would take forever. I know, I’m a lazy Devil :frowning:

It’s not a lot since I started to hit the limit Workshop would allow, but it’s still plenty for anyone to play around with on Garrysmod for Posing Wise. If it turns out to be rather successful, then I’ll see about uploading more of these. Thanks for tuning in and here’s a list of weapons.
AK Variants
M4A1 Camo
RPG-7 (Both OG7V and High Explosive)
M240 Bravo
And much much more…

Workshop Link:
Non-Workshop Link:!HVcFzAAD!qc0zh_qeUBmNznEAG8Y0pY9m8K3T6F802bkZR7gUrrQ

More photos in the Workshop Avaliable.

Some of these weapons look a bit too shiny. What do their VMTs look like?

Oh fuck yes we finally have an SPG-9

I had a couple of other VMT’s, but they all made the weapons look more plastic. I chose this one since it looks more realistic.

Cool stuff man, might mess with the VMT’s my self though. If they turn out good i’ll let you know.

No offence, but what’s the point of porting models from a six year old game, when most people would prefer to pose with more newer and higher quality models?
Especially when most of those models already have higher quality counter parts available.

the smoothing on the M60 and the kalashnikovs looks terrible

It’s honestly something that people don’t have a problem with now in days. Mainly if they hear it’s from Arma 2, they look into it.

I mean, people ported character models from the Resident Evil 2 Nintendo 64 Game, and people still loved it. Probably because of Nostalgia. And since there hadn’t been Arma 2 Models for Gmod in a long time, I guess it’s not really a bother.

And I tried to port from Arma 3, but they updated it so the Old Debinarizer doesn’t work on it anymore. It just crashes the system if you try it. Though the DayZ standalone models work, so I may try to make that my next port list.

Can you please upload a non-workshop link?

Actually arma 2 has pretty nice gun models, and they’d look good if they were ported properly, better smoothing and shaders etc.

I agree - here’s a screenshot of the AK-107 I finished porting just today:

Yeah ArmA 2 had pretty fantastic gun models for it’s time, maybe due to ArmA games not really having first person weapons or arms, and literally just stuck the camera in the player models head.

Here you go!HVcFzAAD!qc0zh_qeUBmNznEAG8Y0pY9m8K3T6F802bkZR7gUrrQ

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And on another note, I’m not the best porter anyone has ever seen. Please forgive me, I can only do so much. The only reason why I didn’t bodygroup these weapons was because I just didn’t had the time to do it, I was doing it through my free time and I had work. It’d take me a full month to get it done and normally for some reason I have a disease where I get in the move of things the first 3 days and after that I just slow down. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s OK. You tried, and eventually you delivered. It’s the effort that matters. With practice, you’ll get better

Ty it is much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing~~

Hello, could anyone to extract this model with textures from ARMA II to obj file please ?

Thanks a lot

I know you said you didn’t bodygroup them, but do they at least have bones? For the the bolts/magazines and such?

These models don’t, but I may have the Raw Files that have the bones for everything.

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And also, anyone is free to edit these models VMT’s/Misc. You have my permission to do so.