Arma 2 Ports

I’ve heard about Bohemia coming down hard on anyone that ports from Arma 2 or OA, however if you have the skills to theoretically port them in a theoretical manner and do it for theoretical money, could you PM me?

worried laughter

i dont think they care if people port from arma anymore, i tested them awhile back. and they didnt do anything they said they where but didnt.

but thats not the case

Why not? It’s work that takes time, in order to equate for your use of time I give you money which can be exchanged for goods and services
econ 101

It’s one thing to charge money for hard work, but it’s another to charge for slapping on some minor edits to work someone else spent far longer working on. Slapping a new skeleton in the model doesn’t make it rightfully yours to charge money for.

Already started (For free).

After smoothing:

I assumed it takes a bit of time to do these things?

Economics doesn’t say that anything which takes time deserves money. Companies usually don’t care what we do with their models as long as it’s just porting it to another game. It usually means we’re just modders looking to use their model for some unrelated free, small project. That or we’re just looking for practice by working with their models. They’re not going to go out of their way to prevent us from simply having fun when we’re not causing them harm – it’d do nothing but waste their time and upset the mod fan-base. It becomes another story when you’re making money off their work or damaging the game’s image. You aren’t making the model, you’re taking it and editing it for modding purposes.

Long-story short, you’re just making the model usable in Source, but you’re getting the model from an existing source that someone else made. It’s making money by editing someone else’s work.

if you want the raw shit without textures (:suicide:) then here you are:

Making a clean version:

Had to reconstruct 2 of the font rails since things were in them when I exported them.
The lower rail is still missing notches, I will do those later. ( The features like the bolt pull and such will be added again once I fix everything. )

what use is it without textures?

use ninja ripper.

Ninja ripper? Better is Eliteness (unpack pbo > p3d and paa), P3DDebinarizer (unlock p3d), Oxygen 2 (import unlocked p3d and export as 3ds) and TexView 2 (for textures).

Anyway, this is not fucking fair. Long time ago I showed some renders of models from arma 3… and what? I was banned.

Hey Salva, how did you unlock ArmA 3 p3d files? I`ve tried it with P3DDebinarizer but it allways crashes and says ODOL version is not supported. Tried 2 different versions of the program.

And? Things must’ve calmed down since then, also, if i recall correctly you were being a bit of a dick about it.

Ye, ye, ye… blablabla.
Always… when only gold members doing something wrong - this is ok.

No one ever got banned for posting any Arma models anywhere, you’re making shit up.

Where can I get a download link for the P3DDebinarizer?

This isn’t even about gold member and blue member equality, so i’m not sure why you bring that up since it’s completely non-related…

I’m pretty sure when you type it on google, you will find it…pffff pure lazyness…

Could someone point me to some tutorials? I’d like to help

ah getting stuff from arma isnt my strong point, but ninja ripper got proper textures atleast for me anyways.