Arma 3 3d models

Hi, i use ninja ripper in arma 3 and work, but i have black models, please help

btw this is for fix ??

Really?:thinking: Also used Ninja Ripper and…

QBU-88. Very rare model on the internet…

When i open models in 3ds max i have black models

Good luck getting help, BIS chaps will be along shortly to rain down on your parades.

Could I ask you the FN FNP-45 (just model, no textures), please?

Thanks =)

Don’t release it publicly, the company will hunt you down very quickly

This guy seems to have no trouble ripping it from the game.Perhaps there is a better tool than ninjaripper that can rip models from arma 3?

No, ninjaripper is the only way to actually get their models. I can confirm this.

There was a tool early in the games lifecycle, but I can’t quite recall what happened. Either a game update made it unusable or the tool had to be withdrawn.