Arma 3 - Moddel Ripping - How to rip the Aircraft Carrier


Unless you want a C&D notice or a trip to court, you shouldn’t try to rip stuff from ArmA.

Didn’t mean to vote disagree but yeah. Bad idea. They’re very protective over their work and it’s a pretty bad idea especially considering their community manager frequents facepunch.

All user’s from this site and me using model’s only for private use, so non-commerical.
I mean, this is the same like/with GTA 5/4 model’s, you extract the models and you would never use
the model’s for your commerical project.

And it would still be helpful to know, “how can I extract model’s fom Arma 3?”

BIS will still threaten to take you to court.

Here we go again…

Please read the entirety of this thread before asking again.

Ok, if it not allowed, then must this “Thread” be closed.