Arma 3 models port help

hey guys any of use have experience with arma 3 models im having a problem when i extract the models from the game the textures dont go with the models but on arma 2 have no problems help please

Don’t bother with that, you’ll have Bohemia on your ass

and if its a mod another person made like custom made model like the RHS mod

Then the RHS people will come down on you even harder than Bohemia would.

Just steer away from Bohemia and RHS, COD Remastered is out so weapon models and props from that will come soon.

The only way to get models out of Arma 3 nowadays is by using ninjaripper, even then you have to fix the UV’s and such. But even if you get models from Arma or RHS never upload them just keep them private or you will be hit with a lot of shit.

There are definitely easier ways to get them by just extracting the .p3d models and debinarizing them and then using a program to export them to a usable format.

That is very true, but since BI has updated their debinarizing system lately for the files it has made the debinarizing programs useless. So unless you are going to debinarize the older models before the certain version then it seems the only option now is to rip them - they still rip fine though so they have not stopped porters all together. But their clean sweeps of the workshop discourages porters to post anything sadly.

well i already know how to debinarize since alot of mods from 2015 still work but when i extract them some times they come out with hard edges on 10 copies of them happen in 3ds max and even then the textures dont stick to them and yeah this for private use

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ive already have succes with arma 2 models like the Brink US marine mod

I wouldn’t post any links to content ripped from other peoples addons.

A2 models are different from A3 stuff, they use a different debinariser, and the majority of A2 base models, if not all were released under license in p3d format anyway.

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Which is what you exactly did with Binkowski’s Marines…and yet you posted a link to it? :rolleyes:

The link is a screenshot, I know the addon developers would be pissed if they saw it (maybe) if they even care now. But if they even do get pissed they can’t do anything the are not released. BI could threaten but that barely happens if you have just screenshots in my experience with them.

Just saying, if it’s a user made add-on you can still always ask them if you get permission. I know that many folks tend to react kinda hostile, but there are also friendly ones sharing their assets if you give them proper credit. So sometimes it may be worth a shot.

i cant even find the guys name Binkowskis except on armaholic forums did he let the RHS guys build upon his models cause they marine models look identical but heavily more detailed like how they us army models look identical to the us army in arma 2 expansion also the tool also works on old arma 3 versions i think one of my problems is a thing called UV mapping can someone please explain this

does Binkowski go on this site?

yeah but it looks like the RHS guys are taking inspiration on his marines mod and the us army in arrowhead dlc and perfecting them in a much more higher quality like these here

US ARMY Arma 2

No, they both “take inspiration” from real life.

can anyone help me with this resizing im not familiar with the uv side of things

Not even close mate, the default A2 models are where Bink took his inspiration from, pretty sure his Marines were custom models also.

The RHS models are more in line with the likes of the SOTG addon, the same guys does texture work for RHS.
The RHS models are way superior to anything BIS produced they have current active duty people in their team, as Simkas said, they take their inspiration from tonnes of real life research, which is why they’re the leading Arma3 addon makers out there, and why they’re very protective of their work.

Arma 3 mod models are pretty easy to get,
this guys has some vids on it also can check out mikeros tools to debinerize a PBO. Than get Object builder from the Arma 3 dev tools, open the .P3D file that was inside the PBO select Lod 1000 or 1, export as 3D studio or FBX.
Also get a PBO reader fro some where so you can see the contents of the PBO.

And the 10 copies you get are the LODs and the memory geometry and all that shit thats why you should open it in Object builder first.
UV mapping is the 3D model layed out and unwrapped in 2D on a sheet and depending on the asset you got sizes ranging from 4K, 2K, 1K, 524x524 and lower.
And if I am correct if you just apply the texture in Max the UV will correct its self to the texture, I have had it before and idk why it does that.

so how do i export it then if i dont use object builder? also the tool your talking about will it debinarize the latest updated arma 3 files?