Arma 3 models

For now it contains every single weapon and attachment and some vehicles and gears from Arma 3. Models are in .obj, textures (including normal, specular and ambient shadow maps) are in .png.

̶h̶t̶t̶p̶s̶:̶/̶/̶w̶w̶w̶.̶m̶e̶d̶i̶a̶f̶i̶r̶e̶.̶c̶o̶m̶/̶f̶o̶l̶d̶e̶r̶/̶f̶m̶p̶j̶z̶s̶7̶2̶g̶a̶o̶3̶8̶/̶A̶r̶m̶a̶_̶3̶Everything was destroyed by BIS

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PCML added. Now it contains every single weapon from Arma 3

did you rip these models, or did you extract them ‘properly’ from their .P3D model files?

I’ve extracted them. As far as I know, Ninja Ripper doesn’t work with latest versions of Arma 3

that’s quite weird for me, since the only way I’ve gotten to extract any models from Arma 3 has been done with Ninja Ripper. any proper extractors I’ve been able to find haven’t worked for everything.

There is extractor for any models that works with the latest versions of Arma 3, but I’m not its author, so I cannot share it

A debinariser that doesn’t smash the UVW’s to pieces?

The latest versions as in APEX/1.60 models ?

Yes, it doesn’t smash models at all. It works with ODOL70. Don’t know about 1.60, but it seems to me that model format hasn’t been updated at least since 1.56

Hunter added

Ifrit added

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Strider added

Wow! Thanks alot for the upload!!
Who’s the author?? I searched all over the internt to find a debinarizer that works but to no avail…
Are you in contact with the author? If yes, please ask him for permission to release the tools.

EDIT: sorry to ask, but I just saw that the specular texture from the AMS scope is missing. Can you please upload that?

please add gear and cloths this would help alot with texture making

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AMS scope reuploaded. Missing specular map added

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T100 Varsuk and 2S9 Sochor added

M2A1 Slammer, M2A4 Slammer UP, M4 Scorcher and M5 Sandstorm added

Very good, but can you extract RHS models? RHS contains tons of good US and RUS weapons and another stuff.

Yes, I’m going to do this after finishing vanilla vehicles

Porting from RHS mods is not a good idea. They don’t want their models anywhere else than the game they are made for. Ofc you can port them but they will get DMCA’d in short time.

Look in the garry’s mod workshop, hundreds of models, etc ported from other games, which are the creators just do not care about it.

Many creators don’t care about this but Red Hammer Studios do. Many models were ported from RHS mods none is on the workshop cuz they were taken down.

I’m not going to publish it in workshop myself. It seems to me that they won’t stop me from ripping models and publishing them here