ARMA II Modelers Wanted -> Syndicate Gaming

I am currently looking for modelers familliar with ARMA II and willing to get into ARMA III when it comes out. If you want to be part of a great, never before attempted project. PM me.

For more info please visit the website.

This site is for Garrys mod, not arma 2

The site is for general gaming. Just a simple question. ^-^

oh, but it was under valve stuff.

Actually, this site is for Garry’s Mod (and sometimes other Source games). The only thing that makes this site about games in general is the fact that people port models from games that aren’t on the Source engine.

No it’s not. It’s Facepunch, not the Steampowered forums. It’s a perfectly valid thread.

And it wouldn’t be better under this section?
where it talks about all games rather then just valve ones?

Well, “great, never before attempted project” sounds great. But it’s easy to be sceptical about ideas like these. How big of a project do you think this is? Months work? Years work?

keep bumping guys, eventually he may find someone.

holy shit i was thinking of something like this a fewdays ago
hope someone helps you out