ArmA US Saboture.

Model converting : ddok1994
Rigging : BlooCobalt

thanks BlooCobalt :slight_smile:

Link Removed.

Enemy. Saboture. way to our. front. 1000 meters.

Anyways nice job. Ever think about porting the Arma 2 models though?

Nice work as always.

whoa, nice work
but… those hands are from cod5 models … right?


Very nice indeed!

Could you please port these for me?

video of them.


Very nice port btw.

You probably need mlods (the unencrypted model format for Arma) to port the models. When you binarize (compress) a model for Arma using the game’s tools it encrypts the models and they cannot be decompiled (except for by a few people who have a model decompiler that was never publicly released). I would assume that would mean that they can only port over models that BIS released mlods for or by contacting the author’s of the addons and requested the unencrypted files.

Also, the normal maps on the model in that picture are really misaligned

Looks pretty ugly. Not your fault, but I just think it looks bad. There’s like 3 different colors on him and the normal maps are weird.

I think i deserve some credit for bringing you 2 to work together.

So I hear these are being reported.

Why the fuck would someone do that. fucking douches

Enjoy this thing. I’ll put more heads on later, unless he prefers to do so.

sorry to bump, but why was the link removed?

If you read the thread, Leon said it was being reported.

There was a thread all about someone porting ArmA stuff when some douchebag developer walked in and blabbed about copy right. I think the thread got deleted or removed.

I did read the thread, but why wouldn’t anyone reupload it or anything? people port from games all the time.

It was reported on
Then the very gods themselves, BIS came in and said “sorry you can’t do this.”
They’re aren’t douchebags.
They made this model, they have every right to call copyright claims.

It just seems kind of douchy to walk in and say “you can’t have this” and take it away from everyone. This is a sweet model.

Gods? more like giant fags.

ok you’re a game developer.
A: Sue them
B: Strongly worded letter saying “plz stop k”
Would you: ruin their life, or let them off with a slap on the wrist?