Arma2 Bmp3 and Btr90

Ported BMP3 and Btr90 of Arma2.

Models has bodygroups. All of them are rigged and have collision models.

Rights on the model: Bohemia Interactive©.


Just a heads-up for you, BI doesn’t want their content being redistributed outside of their own games. They’re not exactly fond of their content being ported elsewhere.

I thought I read that they don’t care anymore? Might double check with dwarden :wink:

Dwarden actually popped into a recent Arma 3 resource thread and basically stated that the comment about them not caring was incorrect, as well as stating that they (BI) will basically go to whatever means to take down the content that’s being taken from their games and redistributed elsewhere (be they resource files or full-on ports like this).

Here’s the exact post for confirmation.

sweet BTR-90, thanks Bro

I did not know about the site, pulled model using 3D Ripper XD

o hey. you take my preview

lol Bro, they were there since a year…

Isnt there alot of models from A2 on the Workshop for gmod? I saw packs of models on there, I even commented on one saying “You’re aloud to do this?”

(Some stuff is irrelevant)

That’s it. And no one deletes.

So many official BI representatives here!)) :goodjob:

Not really. Dwarden’s the only one I’m aware of, I was just passing a heads-up to the OP since it’ll most likely end up being taken down by BI. Same will probably go for whatever ArmA-related models are on p3dm since RAVENOV mentioned that the models are on there as well.

It should not be taken down as it is clearly a case of the so-called “fair use” & should be treated as such. Just an example:
After all, it is “transformative” to a “reasonable observer” and therefore fair use - can you really say what those two models are? I cannot :slight_smile:
Something abstract & totally postmodern.

Tell that to Dwarden or anyone from BI; they don’t see model porting as fair use with their content since they absolutely do not want their content being taken out of their games and thrown into other programs like GMod or SFM. Hell, if I remember correctly, Dwarden even stated that BI actually views it as theft and/or piracy (even though in the case of piracy, it’s literally just resource content or model ports being used in separate games and not actually a full copy/package of the game that the content originates from). Personally, I’d love to port some of the aircraft and land vehicles, but I know for a fact that if I provided a download link to the ported models or the resource files for the models, BI would just get into a fit over it and have it DMCA’d as soon as possible.

Don’t really know what I said that was dumb when considering that I was only stating BI’s stance on the matter, but whatever.

Sorry for bumping this post but Bitchhemia Incestactive buttfucked us again. (I hope BI reads this and tries to sue me)

Someone should try making one of the vehicles BI modelled entirely from scratch, just to rub back in their faces.

Go ahead, I don’t know anyone who would model a high quality vehicle for free, kust to rub it in some irrelevant company’s nose.