Armed Assault II Models Pack.

Inclued Models-
BTR - 9
UH - 1
M40 Sniper Rifle

Link Removed.

Ps. You need CoD4 Heli Pack ( )


woah the heli looks awesome. you got my download

Dat ghillied sniper rifle.

Awesome job bud, if only there was the ghillied sniper in this as well :stuck_out_tongue:

There is.

Great! I’ve been wanting a UH-1 for a long time now, and a Mk-48. The SMAW looks great too - no more crappy AT4!

Wow ! Awesome work !

Any chance to see anothers models from this game ?

Everyone here is right, that heli looks awesome.
This models will be great for posing :slight_smile:

Models wont showing in the game! :frowning:

You should team up with some Coders and make these drivable!

Ah god yes! During this and the last week we have been getting fantastic models like hell.

Is that BTR ragdolled?

Downloading now.

They look great, I’m downloading them now.

Read the OP, you probably dont have the CoD4 Helis pack, without it the models might not work.

or atleast do the characters, vehicles, and guns.
gotta have some CDF loving y’know

ddok did you fix that resizing and shape issue that you had with the arma1 models?

this makes me realize, source really needs self shadowing


and sun shadows need to be alittle more like dynamic shadows

I don’t know, I have both, and it’s not showing up.

Just NO

Could you make v_models please? :v: