Armed maps for TTT?

Does anyone have some armed maps (or rearm scripts) to share here, my server has a few maps but I need some arm scripts for maps such as dm_island and dm_richland.

I dont have the time to arm any maps currently as I am really busy. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Really busy? It takes about 15 minutes, and if you refuse to do that, nobody would want such a lazy bum for a server owner.

Erh currently, im going on holiday for a week and right now im busy listing items I need and what to take… I only posted this because I want to keep my players happy instead of them having to wait a week for me to actually do it myself. If someone would be nice enough to actually give a re-arm script or two then fair enough. I do not need your shitty judgement.

It would take you less time to make it yourself than to wait for an answer, lazy bastard. Packing takes two hours at most, if you pack your whole apartment, like some people.