Armo(u)r in Steam Inventory - Poll/Thoughts

Lets get a nice collection of how people feel about this.

I’m leaning more towards being against the idea of getting better armor via RL money. I believe everyone should have to hunt for BPs and research items the same as anyone who paid nothing. Given how much concept art is available for different Rust clothing/armor, I think there is still a lot of potential for strictly cosmetic changes to armor. For example, you pay $X.xx so that your metal chest plates have a pink hello kitty on them. In this scenario, you still have to find the blueprint for metal chestplate in game, however, once you do, the cosmetic change is applied.

However, if Facepunch’s intention is to convert ALL items and their BPs to this new system; (e.g. you find a landmine BP in one server and it works in all others) then I think the best way to set it up would be for the blueprint to need to be learned before you can buy ‘cosmetic changes’. In this situation, if you find your first AK BP, suddenly in the “Rust Store” you can purchase different AK skins that were ‘greyed out’ before (to allow for window shopping :cool:) or make them purchasable immediately without unlocking the actual BP in game.

So guys, thoughts?

P.S. Lets keep in mind that purchasing BPs will mess with the drop rate ‘economy’.

I want to make my own Ned Kelly Themed Armor in a 3D modelling program and use it in Rust but i want it to have the same armor stats as the ones in game. I think 3D modelers should be allowed to create and submit content as long as the contents stats are only controlled by FP devs themselves the community would have no control over the stats.

I also think that 3D modelers would need to keep in mind that players would not be able to create their items unless the content requires Rust items to create not just resources. For example if i created a Viking Themed Sword 3D model, uploaded the BP for it to the Steam Store, then player buys the BP from the steam store, to make it in game they would need the BP for the sword and then the sword itself. My Viking sword BP would convert the Rust Sword into an Awesome Viking Sword.

With server transitioning by sailing a boat across the ocean planned by the Devs i think that BP’s should work in all servers no matter which server you found them in.

Why dont handle in it in the Sameway a H1Z1 does you need A Item first before you can use Skin B on it so nothing would change in gameplay only extra customisation + Micro transaction = WinWin Situation

for me i feel we should be able to find global armour BPs (appropriately balanced of course), and be able to sell/trade those bp’s on the steam marketplace.

it’s not game breaking as far as i’m concerned. anyone can find them, they are balanced as to avoid any large advantages, and you still need to gain the resources in game to make the armour. when this was previously discussed i feel there were too many kneejerk “OMG PTW” reactions/assumptions made.

If Garry thinks he can pull that off and maintain balance like you say, I’d be all for it. I just worry that a party of 2-3 guys or more could easily all buy a BP, enter a server and start causing floods of items that shouldn’t be dropping.

Keep in mind the guy who DIDN’T pay to learn advanced armor also still has to get the materials, so while we say there are downsides for the buy as well, I’m not really inclined to believe that so much. It’s pretty easy to farm up some cloth and metal frags quickly if you just happen to know how to make it right away.

Selling cosmetic changes is fine. Giving regular players the ability to cosmetically change their gear would be amazing! Selling anything beyond cosmetic changes is NOT COOL, but it seems like Facepunch has the same opinion.

What I personally wanted was for armor made by users to be slight variations of vanilla armor. Imagine a submission were the user for instance takes the road sign armor and moves all the front plates to the back. The rust submission police check the rough surface area and material covering the back and find it equals the surface of the road sign armor. It is then brought into the game as a global blue print that requires a nonglobal road sign armor blueprint to be used.

Let’s call that armor turtle surprise.