armor and medkit suggestions

combat would be a lot more dynamic if the armor types had other effects; for example, each piece of kevlar armor slows you down slightly, such that wearing a full suit of kevlar reduces your sprint speed by 15% (but doesn’t alter your walk speed at all). this would help naturalize the “naked guy vs kevlar” scenarios by giving new players the ability to escape from overwhelming opponents-- and anyone who wants to hunt naked guys could still do it by just not wearing so much kevlar, thus putting their neck out on the line a little bit more.

additionally, there should be several changes to bandages and medkits:
bandages should take 2 seconds of actively using to apply, and you’re unable to sprint while applying
small medkits should take 3 seconds to apply, and you’re unable to sprint while applying
large medkits take 5 seconds to apply, and you’re completely immobile while applying

right now bleeding is essentially a non-threat since it’s so easy to instantly apply bandages. with these changes, you’ll have to choose whether or not to slow down and apply bandages or if you should just keep moving/fighting based on what it is you’re fighting and whether or not you think you have enough time to safely apply the bandages.

I agree with the Kevlar slowing your sprint speed. I’m concerned though that slowing down medical applications would make it too hard to get away from people. When you’re up against armed players all you can do is run and bandage, but if you have to stop for that to stem bleeding so you can keep running the armed players will catch you. You need every metre you can get between you and them to lose them.