Armor Attachments

It’s come to my attention that Armor doesn’t help too much in fights (Maybe about 2-4 Bullet difference) So I’ve decided we should probably have Attachments onto our Armor.

For the same thing as a Gun, there would be a Chance of how many Slots you would receive. A good attachment would be “Night Vision Goggles”, a lot of people complain about

the problem with not being able to see a Night and a good amount of people are Night Ops, and also, flashlights and torches are too revealing.

An attachment called “Bullet Proof Vest” would be an excellent Attachment to put onto the armor. It could make a person take less Bullet Damage from an enemy.

There are lots of attachment out there that people could think of, so if you want Armor Attachments, then remember to click yes on the Pole above

                                                                                      Don't forget, say what you think would be a good attachment!

light weight Armour makes you sprint quicker

The Kevlar is the “bullet proof vest” as far as NVG’s, I agree, but they should SEVERELY limit your range of vision, maybe cuts render distance in half or something so you cant go sniping people in the extreme distances of your m4’s range.

i agree with the render distance cut

Oh yeh should be cut at least 50 percent. They would be nice For night at the mo is pretty hit and miss

I like the darkness. Its real and its creepy. It adds another element into the game. If you cant see at night, then get somewhere safe and wait to out! Or risk it with light. It shakes things up instead of being able to see all the time.

I really like this idea, as long as they don’t go too crazy over it, like Kevlar eye slots that shoot lasers.

or maybe get 2 types of NVG’s like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., a common one where everything looks green-ish but with a horrible definition, and a more specialized NVG that looks gray-ish but more normally, ofc, it would require more resources and stuff, maybe batteries(?) also it would limit peripheral vision :slight_smile:

The idea of batteries would be great, so it will limit the usage of the NVG.

At LEAST 50% reduction for the rendering if you bring in something like that. Still a little iffy of the idea because the dark is currently kinda fun.
But if an item like that is introduced you should have a potential penalty which is relative to the bonus in sight they give you. If someone pops a flasher or shines a torch in front of you then you should be blinded for a good old while.

Make the the Kevlar vests into Kevlar plate carriers so you can attach ballistic plates for more bulletproof armour. Even a first aid pouch attachment for the plate carrier for a bandage and make it automatically get used when bleeding.

There are quite a few awesome attachments that you could make to armor that would be pretty cool. All in good time I hope.