Armor() display problem?

My armor when full is currently 78/590.

For those of you who don’t see whats happening, whenever the armor gets to 255, it goes back to 0.

So, when its full (78/590), and I explode a piece of dynamite near me, (if the damage is > 78) the armor bar will go up to 116, then once it gets down to 0, it will go back to 255, one last time.

It keeps re-looping at 255, I don’t know why, how about you?

No idea what I’m talking about? Heres a video of it:

If I am correct in thinking its due to the data type Armor is stored(unsigned char?) in your best off just making your own Armor value for each client if you want to set it higher

That’s weird, wouldn’t it be the same as health? Where would I start the armor value? That seems like a lot of work to duplicate the armor system that is already there?

And armor amounts over 255 are saved they just reset at 255 every 255.

If anyone has a solution, i’m offering $ reward.

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