Armor/helmet items attached to player?!?

Hey guys so I am very confused and have no idea where to start. I am looking to attaching props to players in a certain spot, like what pointshop does, and it gives you like +10 armor or something. I just don’t know how to make it attach to the player. If someone could write a example or point me to the right directions it would mean the world to me.

Here’s something i threw together for NeuroWeapons, it works as it should but can be improved in a lot of ways. It’s an entity base for physical servside gear which physically protects the players. I had to do utilize PlayerScaleDamage hooks in the end anyway to get it working properly but maybe it will give you an idea:

Base entity:

Example armor piece:

ENT.PrintName = "Medium Body Armor"
ENT.Author = "Hoffa"
ENT.Category = "NeuroTec Gear"
ENT.Base = "sent_neuro_gear_base"
ENT.Spawnable = true
ENT.AdminSpawnable = true
ENT.ModelScale = .7
ENT.InitialHealth = 300
ENT.Model = "models/killstr3aks/body_armor.mdl" -- 3d model
ENT.AttachmentBone = "chest"
ENT.DamageScaling = 0.0 -- 0 = no damage taken, 1.0 = full damage, 2.0 = double damage. 
ENT.AttachmentAngle = Angle( -0, 5, 0 )
ENT.AttachmentPos = Vector( 2.5, -0, -5 ) 
-- custom hooks
function ENT:OnEquipItem( ply ) 
function ENT:OnDestroyed( dmginfo )