Armor Load[Clone]

Finally decided to go ahead and complete/release a clone of ArmaLoad by Wong off of ScriptFodder as part of trying to get back into web designing. Design looked pretty simple( honestly, it is the most boring design) and mine has basically all the same features his has.

Things it has in common with ArmaLoad:
-Static or Changing Backgrounds(can be changed in the config)
-Boring Black Boxes
-Steam Photo and ID
-Maps(which actually slightly varies, we’ll get to that later)
-Gamemode Detection
-Max Player Detection
-Scrolling Tip Bar at the bottom
-Able to change the color of the bit after “You are Joining” in the Header
-Same exact requirements as ArmaLoad(API Key, PHP Supported Web Server, Simple Config Editing Abilities)

Things that are better/Different:
-Each line of text can have a different color(specified in the config)
-Download Progress Percentage
-Though blurry, uses GameTracker Map photos if no other photo is provided by the user(this can be done by putting images in the maps folder, jpg and png supported)
-Name under the photo, cause why not?
-Moved down all the boxes just a slight amount because my eyes were bothered by the massively uneven spaces above and below the boxes in the middle bit

Live Demo

I couldn’t be bothered to find the exact same font he used(if you want me to change this, find the font, I’d be more than happy to add it).[/thumb]



Special thanks to Adamnetwork and a few others for helping me with little issues during this project.

If you have suggestions, feel free to comment them below.

Ooh, I like this! Very clean and not distracting at all. Very nice work!

Glad to hear you like it. The original design was done by Wong, I just cloned it and did my own improvements that I thought people would like.

visually pleasing for everything except the map image does not line up on the bottom right with the downloading info

maybe make the avatar SLIGHTLY bigger to fill in the extra space?

Also please make sure the avatar and the name have the same margin.

They do, I just have a really awkwardly long name.

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Made the map box a tiny bit smaller, I’ll update the photos in a few minutes, problem with the avatar thing is the more it expands, the blurrier it gets(as you can tell with Gametracker’s map) + It wouldn’t match the original script then.

This is why there needs to be a reduction in the number of loading screens being released on scriptfodder. Literally every other day someone uploads there loading screen thinking they will make money.

That would be why I cloned this, and will be cloning his “GTLoader” bull that he uploaded yesterday within the next week. His GTLoader is literally all the boxes from this moved around.

If they are gonna upload a new loading screen they need to make it different for once :frowning:

Looks pretty cool!