Armor Mat increase

Was curious as to what you all thought on the recent changes of building material costs.
In my opinion, I think it is good to increase and make it harder however, should every piece cost the same.
In example, should a pillar or triangle cost the same amount as a wall,floor etc.

I agree with the cost increase being a good thing, but I do think pieces should vary in cost. I’m sure they will at some point, but I wish it would be sooner rather than later. Pillars should be a 1/4 of the cost, and triangles a 1/3. Windows and door frames would be good at 3/4 too.

i would say though that the extra wood missing from the gap in window/door panels in used in reinforcing the hole, so i’d keep it the same cost as walls.

so pillars cheapest.
triangle ceilings next.
stairs/roof panels next.
walls, windows, doorways, ceilings next.
triangle foundations next.
foundations should cost the most.

the cheapest way to make a building should be using straight floors and walls (and pillars). if you start using stairs and triangle it should increase it cost because of the complexity of the angles. it make sense that the triangle cost the same as the square floor even if it cover a smaller area.

no it doesn’t make any sense…
triangle is smaller than a square… less materials, so the cost should be lower…

the material cost is less in the finish product, but the time and energy required, cutting, wasted corners, is higher. if you ever built a house in real life with complex corners and shape you’d understand.

yeah there would be wastage, but i think that’s being overly realistic. besides, given the size difference, even with wastage included the cost in materials would still be less for a triangular panel than a square one. and time is irrelevant with instant building.

I used to frame houses, and on occasion I build furniture for my house out of pallets, scrap wood, and sometimes new wood. If you plan correctly you can minimize waste, and use some of the scrap for other projects. Also, like mrknifey said you’re being overly realistic. This is a survival game not a construction simulator.

You forgot about the doors and windowbars.

My list would look like this:

window bars the cheapest
pillars next.
triangle ceilings and doors next.
Windows frame, doorways next
walls and ceilings next.
stairs/roof panels next.
triangle foundations next.
foundations should cost the most

so why stairs and roof Panels more expensive than walls and ceilings?

well first of all they have a bigger overall surface than walls and ceilings and second they are luxury items in the beginning and should therefor cost more.

and why windowframes and doorways less than walls and ceilings?

because obviously they have a lot smaller surfaces and therefor need less material. In my opinion, a window frame and the window bars together should cost
less material than a wall but a doorway + door should be equal with a wall.

nah, just had them hidden in with the walls. the way i see it, the extra wood used to reinforce the doorway/window hole is about equal to what you save in wood for the hole itself:)

As i stated above I agree for the doorway and door to be equal with a wall, but windowbars dont close the whole hole of a windowframe so the combination of these two parts should cost less than a wall…

I’m confident that at some point they’ll adjust the costs of parts to reflect size. There’s no reason a twig foundation should cost as much to build at window bars, a doorway, etc. For the time being, we’re seeing generic costs as a place holder. When it comes to the construction balancing stage, I think we’ll see different costs depending on the items built or upgraded.

That said, the increase in stone cost has changed the dynamics of building and harvesting significantly. In the past, it wasn’t unusual to be left with crates of unused stone sitting in our bases within a couple of days of starting after a wipe. Stone was basically a worthless resource and more often than not, people would just dump it while out harvesting ore. These changes have made it significantly more valuable for a longer period of time.

oh i see the confusion, sorry.

by window/doorway i mean the wall like panel.
i didn’t list cost for door and windowbars, no. i would probably have windowbars the same price as pillars, and doors between the cost for pillars and stairs:)

but yeah, they will all be balanced out with time, so this is a just opinion anyway:)

I’m liking the new price for armored, however I think wood/stone should be less now(or make it just cost frags) As well as cost should be proportional to size.

I liked the older way when you upgraded tier by tier, they should bring that back but only take a few hits per tier. Or make it so upgraded say stone to armored already took stone so you only need to add the metal/wood.

I agree that being able to upgrade walls requiring the next lower Quality to already be in place would add a lot to the gameplay and make earlier ressources like Wood and Stone more valuable and longer needed!

Triangle foundations should be half the cost of a square. Pillars should be 1/4 the cost. Windows 1/2 the cost. That’s all they need to do. Would take a couple of minutes to change a few values? Would help a lot! Armor at 500 frags per everything is a real killer. By the time I get my main areas sorted it’s time for a wipe…