[Armor Suggestions] Siege Armor / Riot Shield + More...

Siege Armor:

  • Bullet proof armor from the front, heavily bullet resistant in the back

  • Explosive resistant

  • You become a badass perfect for attacking bases

  • You make a cool respirator sound when you wear it… Though, it’s not really a PRO aside from sounding cool since it tells others you’re coming.


  • Walking speed becomes heavily restricted

  • Turning speed is restricted some

  • You can’t use the shield


Of course make it more RUST like with metal scraps. I just LOVE the top helmet

Riot Shield:

  • Cheaper than Siege Armor

  • Less movement restricting than the siege armor

  • Entirely bullet proof from the front

  • Can provide cover for your team when entering a building

  • Can block a direct flamethrower

  • You become the support role


  • Slows you down while you hold it

  • Takes time to put away, keeping you from swapping weapons too fast

  • Cannot shoot while you hold it

  • Flanks are still exposed

  • You become the support role

Perhaps the possibility to draw on them too?!

*I know this has been suggested 100 times, but I’ll make it 101. Ghillie suits would be perfect for this game.

  • Super sneaky

  • Become one with nature

  • Great for lowbies to hide if they can make a low tiered version.

  • Military Grade would conceal you so much better

  • Pixilates your character so you blend in, the further you are the more pixilation (Like ARMA)


  • A very small armor bonus

  • People can’t see how sexy you look

Prototype Armor

  • The most militarily advanced armor

  • Very good armor rating, though not better than the siege of course

  • Comes equipped with Night vision

  • Ability to become cloaked for a short period (BUT people can still see your glowing visor when you do)


  • Since it’s Prototype, will occasionally glitch out (Example: Might jerk your aim to the left/right, Make you suddenly start teabagging (With effects to make sure you and those watching you know it’s the suit)
    Glitches are only activated when you are moving around a lot, so taking it slow would prevent them

  • VERY hard to find - Defended by a boss I imagine

  • Vision will flicker

  • The visor glows so you can’t really hide in the dark

  • Has an annoying AI that keeps bugging you when you wear it (LMAO)
    “Oh I have been waiting for someone to find me! I’ve been so alone!” - “You have lovely eyes…” - Rick-Rolls you sometimes

The Experimental armor is really just something fun though can be very good if you can manage it

from completly naked to Crysis cloaked super assassin kay

If you can manage to kill a watcher with a rock, or fight through an entire dungeon to get this, then you deserve it good sir.

Sooo one guys is running around looking a bum wearing wood armor is going to try and battle a clan of cyborgs?

Not sure if the Gap is going to get even wider with that idea lol.

Pff i would rek them solo as ghillie Cyborg with a shield

Pics or it didn’t happen.