Armored Combat framework

Is there any way I can get ACF, I have been looking all over… is the SVN link
Rename Models to ACF-Models. Dev is the development version. You can try it, but YMMV. Place in your addons folder.

If you want the standard version that most people use, it’s at:
that’s just the lua.

The ACF models folder also has a pair of directories, particles and scripts, that must be placed in the garrysmod/garrysmod directory to function. If you fail to do this, there won’t be any sounds, and I think the particles fuck up too.

Good luck. There’s a text file in the models trunk that’ll give you more information.

read this

and this

hey one single player my ACF tools dont show…how do i fix this?

but word of warning the ACF missiles don’t work they don’t even spawn!!

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Is there a club for this?