Armored Convoy?

I think it would be cool to have metal convoys instead of planes… How it would work is there would be Military NPCs walking beside the Convoy, as it drives, shooting at players getting near the convoy… Once you kill off all the NPCs you would destroy the convoy by shooting out tires or putting C4 or throwing grenades at the convoy until it opens up and from there you can get the loot. This would make the game more teamwork oriented where normally it wouldn’t be. Like kevlars who normally shoot each other wouldn’t shoot each other during the NPC battle and work together… This would also get the kevlars off the nudies back a bit so they can get started in the game. Just have the convoy drive down the road throughout the map. Planes at this point are whoever is closest gets the drop, which sucks. This would make the game way more unique, in my opinion. What do you guys think?

No comments about the game being in alpha please. This is a idea for future development of the game.

I want a flying Santa that drops huge Christmas bags.

The plane drop makes it so anyone can grabe it no matter the level. The convy I think is a great idea but would require a more gear like full Kevlar and m4s. My opinion is that they add both just make the plane drop gear more basic.

While it is a cool idea, it just feels too modern, and it begs the question: how does an armored transport get on an island? However, I can see supplies dropped by boat onto a beach at random intervals to be a better alternative to just air drops.

Add both or keep only the plane

Both is a good idea, but maybe slightly less frequent then

What do you know, this was already suggested!

In order for this to happen, the island level should be lowered so that the island stays at SEA level and we get BEACH’s and not HUGE Cliffs.

This is silly. Airdrops is a chance for noobs to get better gear and research it. If you place armed NPC’s at convoys, then the noobs in leather will never get kevlar, m4’s, c4, etc. from the airdrop, and is stuck with farming zombies all day.

No not really. I’d like to see you running there with a rock .

This is true, but that’s the beauty of it, the fact that it can be done. Beaches would be nice, not a viable place to build, but adds some atmosphere to an island. Could also be palm trees, which when harvesting wood from will randomly drop bananas or coconuts.

I would prefer a random alien attack on a specific zone where you have to get inside your building.