Armored Core Portable models (PSP Rips & some other info)

Hi everyone,

First time here so excuse the way this thread is structured, I have been extracting some content for the Armored Core community from both the PS2 and PSP games, recently I made a video covering the content that I had ripped including all the information needed to continue the work I started, I decided I would also share it here as I know some of the users here can do fantastic stuff with it, especially in source games.

So first, I have a theory regarding the portable versions that may or may not be right, but it leads to interesting modifications inside the games using emulation, as some of you may know Armored Core has portable versions for 3 of the third generation titles, Armored Core 3, Silent Line and Last Raven (excluding Formula front), using the latest version of PPSSPP (which at the time of posting this is 1.3) you can texture swap textures from the PS2 titles over to the PSP ones, surprisingly it works perfectly, the theory behind this is that the developer (FROM) used highly optimized versions/LODs from the PS2 titles to make the Portable titles and then lowered the texture resolution by half, as it would be easier than developing all the content (over 300 parts and textures, plus enemies) from the games all over again, this allows people to swap textures or inject their own using dev mode in the emulator.

The models, users can recover/rip from the game along with textures using JPCSP which is a java based emulator which is easy to use and rips models quiet well, better than attempting to rip from the PS2, a few faces here and there are flipped the wrong way, but they are over all easy to clean up.

Hope you can use these to make some awesome content, links for all the content is provided in the video description.


That’s great. I would prefer a working converter for the AC4 or ACV engine, but this will work for now.

As far as models go, could the same thing be done for the Weapons of Armored Core or just only vehicles and AC, and the like?

To answer both posts, no one has made any efforts to crack into the native files of any of the AC games, it has always been the case that we get lucky if we get the files, because its got such a small fan base in the west, hardly anyone knows about it, so you will probably not see AC4 or ACV content for years, unless its MMD content thats converted.

To address the other post, you can individually take weapons and parts out of the garage section, you can basically get your hands on everything using JPCSP.

All I know is I want the mech models to make my own mecha.

Its easy to do, you simply make your AC in the emulator and then click Export, and boom there you go.

There was some talk of it on xentax. I tried extracting the files from one of the games a while back, but I do not remember whether it worked or not. It’s the same engines as Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, both games we have model converters for.

I did not pursue it any further as I was busy at the time, but I know xentax managed to extract actual mech models from V.

Interesting, I frequent Xentax and I never saw that one, must have missed it, that changes things up then.


The emulator/s are linked above to help people extract content