Armored doors on devbranch have 4000 hp

as title said, they are a default blueprint cost 400 wood,600 metal fragments, 50 hqm
sheet metal doors have 1000 hp and cost 300 wood , 300 metal fragments
wooden doors have 2000 hp and cost 300 wood

you can no longer upgrade a wooden door or sheet metal door to a higher tier if you place a wooden/sheet door you’re stuck with it

doors can now again be placed on triangle blocks

Maybe they are going to force you to raid via doors instead of blowing walls?

That doesn’t sound annoying at all.

Helk said on reddit they are bogus temp values that are going to be fixed before the patch. Move along people, nothing to see here.

and to be fair, in legacy you always had to break down the previous door to place another. the upgrade mechanic for walls/doors is a new thing. also you had wood (default) and metal (found bp) and they couldn’t be mixed together at all.

thanks for the values, but lets see what happens with it.