Armour and Weapon durability

Armour durability: When you get damaged by a gunshot or hostile creature your Armour will lose a tiny bit of its durability.
Weapon durability: When you attack a hostile creature or person with a weapon it will lose its durability.
Once a weapon has lost a 1/3 of its durability it will lose some of its damage and collect less resources.
You can repair the weapons and Armour with stone for stone hatchet, metal for Kevlar,pickaxe and hatchet, Leather for leather Armour and so on.
And another thought is when you die your Armour loses durability which will sorta make being a bandit less profitable.

Please not!!

I would recommend that all items use a system like DAOC (durability, Condition and Quality):
Quality - how close to a perfect specimen it is. all NPC drops would be 70% quality.
Durability - Total Life span
Condition - How well the gun functions now.

use of the gun would damage it, which would be reduced by quality & current condition.
Repair condition of the gun would remove durability based on current condition and quality. The more condition to be repair the more durability would be removed. Quality would lower this number.
the lower the condition would result in a higher chance of malfunctions and misuses…

or something like Dungeons and dragons.

Hip points & Hardness
Hit points are reduced based on damage done minus hardness.
So a Wooden wall has a hardness of 3 any damage done would be reduced by 3 points immediately. This would open up realism for shotgunning a wooden door, but would take a lot longer for a metal door. because metal has like 5. These aren’t in scale to the damage system in the game. But give an idea.

Thy got something in the works

seems to me that introducing durability will just make the gap between a fresh spawn and a veteran even greater.

how can the gun break when you use it? lol

at CHUBBS_90:
Not really you got to think veterans will be will be having to fix there stuff up as well.
seeing that at a latter date…

Researching creates a partial blueprint (20-30%) or tries to add to an existing partial blueprint of the same item

Stacking two partial blueprints creates a unified blueprint adding the percentages together


Add repair tool which requires a percentage of the item’s blueprints requirements to repair the item
(see earlier link)

Will make it so Vets don’t have a box full of Kevlar and M4s (may turn into a box of blueprints don’t know at this time).
So it will start to slowly make it were vets will have some loss each fight and not just being pure gain.